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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fabulous and fluorescent bats! Global Year of the Bat partners on board

After a short hibernation break in the Netherlands, Germany and the US, the Year of the Bat team is back in Bonn and is delighted to announce our new campaign partners. We warmly welcome both the IUCN SSC Bat Specialist Group (BSG) and Lubee Bat Conservancy to the Year of the Bat's founding partnership circle. 

We are also thrilled to add several new national partners to the growing Year of the Bat global partner network:
Enthusiasm for Year of the Bat is especially strong in Latin America, which raises the bar on bat conservation in the region. The Year of the Bat has in fact been receiving messages from governments, bat organizations and bat fans all around the globe... Argentina, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Mexico, Myanmar, South Africa, Pakistan, the US and Venezuela, among other hot spots! Not to mention Asian, Eurasian and European countries from Azerbaijan to Japan and Romania to the UK.

In other news, a few amazing looking new bat species were recently in the spotlight. Check out the Star Wars' "Yoda bat" of Papua New Guinea with its glowing yellow ears, eyes and nose and the 100 gram flaming orange bat discovered by a young boy in a Sri Lankan village. Be sure to click on the article links to see these unbelievable images. (And thanks to our CMS colleagues who brought these beauties to our attention.)

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If you have some interesting bat news to report or discover a film star bat in your backyard, drop us a line at yearofthebat@eurobats.org!


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